We offer great looking responsive Web design

 and development service on the WordPress platform, which is much user friendly to modify and add contents for the site administrator.


We have large skilled Web designer and Developer group

Besides our proficiency on responsive website design and development on other platform, we also offer the following great WordPress theme and plugin development Services


Consulting and Marketing Researches

It is well known that marketing research on the Internet is a very effective tool for the proper organization of the business.


We are a Public Relations agency with staff in Warsaw and Moscow

  We offer a full range of communications and PR services, working for both Polish and international clients, first in Eastern Europe and former USSR countries.


We are developing two types of projects: good and very good!

Since 2002 we are among leaders in development of Internet projects, promotion of goods and services. We differ from many of my esteemed colleagues (competitors) that we initially focused on the establishment of an effective project for the customer. Profit for us in the background. Our credo is to develop websites quickly and effectively generating customer profits and customers by using the most effective advertising methods. Promotion of goods and services on the Internet is our passion. We avoid making to the execution of orders, if you do not have firm confidence in the success of the campaign, because the more successful this campaign is, the greater the likelihood of re-treatment and the positive feedback in the environment of the Customer’s activities in his environment. And this is us!

Online Store Patrizio.Store

Business Tigers, or 7 stories about dreams coming true

The Greatest Exhibition of Chinese Goods in Europe

Video Production and Advertising is one of the things
we do best!

Order Media provides production services in Poland and throughout European Union and Eastern Post-Soviet countries for advertising, commercials, print, independent movies, documentaries, branded content and social media. We also represent Directors & Directors of Photography, from up-and-coming stars to veterans with years of experience. We create scenarios and music.

Is Success possible without effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Viral marketing, SMM?

Our motto is: no sooner said than done. We guarantee a high position of Your site and put it in the contract. We take only the minimum payment — You pay ONLY FOR the RESULT.


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