It is well known that marketing research on the Internet is a very effective tool for the proper organization of the business.

World wide web provides unique opportunities: online surveys, research background information in the blogosphere and social networks, the analysis of user behavior on websites with the use of modern advanced technology.


Thus, the free services provided the major services like Google and others allow not only to form a portrait of a potential consumer of goods or services, but also to find the most suitable forms and methods of promotion.

In the study prepared high-quality portrait of today’s Internet user: it turns out the age, social status, level of security, against different types of advertising, the usage activity of the communications habits. Data is collected on the total number of Internet users in the region, their distribution and solvency.

Here are some of the advantages provided by the Internet environment:

the possibility of research data obtained from a variety of sources
constant updating of existing databases
the integration of research results with decision-making processes
the speed of information: automatic data processing
low cost marketing research
a high degree of readiness of the respondents to sincerity and “self-revealing” in the process of answering the proposed questions due to the relative anonymity of the process.
wide coverage – in a small interval of time to poll a large audience
the ability to research those target groups that cannot be covered by conventional methods. Access representatives of specific target groups, direct contact with which is difficult because of the remoteness of the study area or due to the limitation of professional activity (privacy, congestion)
In practical terms, a market analysis is to develop comprehensive marketing solutions. In fact, an analysis of the demand for your products or services on the basis of statistics of user queries to search engines of the Runet and statistics counters, catalogs, ratings.

The marketing analysis allows to correctly determine the demand for your goods and services to attract maximum number of targeted visitors to the website, and to build the structure of Your project (website) in accordance with consumer demand.

In addition, a market analysis allows you to more intelligently optimize your website for search engines.

It is therefore important to conduct a brief analysis of your market before designing the advertising campaign and/or promotion.

Experience shows that if 90% of customers find it difficult to accurately define your wishes on the website (which is due to the novelty and dynamism of the Internet), that same 90% usually understand what they want from the website to.

As a rule, the Customer wants to obtain from the website customers for your business
Understanding this need and is the first step in our unique six-step comprehensive program of creating and promoting effective Web solutions based on thorough analysis of target audience, determining its solvency and stability, locations and directions of movement in the Network in relation to the seasons of the year, day of week and time of day.

Development of integrated solutions is our profession!
To successfully compete in the market of increasing importance is the interactivity of the services “seller-client” to ensure high responsiveness to the needs of both individual customers and the market in General.

Simple creation of interactive, high-tech web site can be insufficient, the question may arise about the constant online interaction between the powerful automation of the website, the Database of goods and/or services and the offices of the website owner. Such problems, of course, stand in front of the companies working in the field of tourism, wholesale and retail trade (with several outlets and high turnover of goods) online shopping.

Living for many years in the Internet environment, knowing it and building it, we learned all the nooks and crannies, flows and currents.

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