Public Relations

We are a Public Relations agency with multi-national staff in Warsaw. We offer a full range of communications and PR services, working for both Polish and international clients, first of all in Eastern Europe.

We strongly believe that good PR is based on useful content, powered by authentic relationships. Inspired by that belief, over the years we evolved from a media relations agency into a full-service.

PR is a game changer for startups with groundbreaking and virtually unknown ideas. There are few times in the life of a company in which we can make a bigger difference. 

We have created and successfully tested in practice special software that allows you to monitor publications in electronic versions of the media and on news channels.

As a result of many years of practical work, leading specialists of the firm have established numerous personal contacts with representatives of the media of various regions of the planet. However, we are the most successful and powerful in Poland and in the territory of the former Soviet states – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan.