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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an organized system of actions which are directed on to any search engine site had high-ranking and therefore how the above appeared in the first positions of search engines.

Our motto is: no sooner said than done. We guarantee a high position of Your site and put it in the contract. We take only the minimum payment — You pay ONLY FOR the RESULT.

“Viral marketing” is a term almost medical. Virus — definition unpleasant, it is a living organism and a parasite breeding. But the virus means that there is a media distributor. This “cooking” marketing to people, where people — the target audience — newcardio reports “seeded product” to all its surroundings.

We offer well-tested us time and again, the now standard scheme:

— Definition of target audience, in terms of control traffic flows in the Internet,
— Optimization of viral content at the stage of development — “sharpening” for the target audience,
— The selection of the places most visited by the target audience — branches forums, blogs, pages and channels of Internet video hosting sites, social networks, etc.,
— Seeding content in the most visited sites, videohostinga, groups, social networks and other sites with high traffic, especially sites devoted to “fun” anecdotes, “tresemm rollers”,
— Involvement in the campaign of the popular “stars” of the Network: actors, parties, shows, bloggers, and other characters, bring them to the popularization of the seeded product
— Tracking ways of transmission of the virus, movement of the audience focus work on the most successful threads and napravleniyah,
— Planned summing-up of viral seeding, reporting, monitoring growth of communities
— Routine monitoring of the popularization of the seeded product via the most stable option: Yandex illustrating the number of requests seeking online “our virus” by name (name etc) https://wordstat.yandex.ru/

Hidden Marketing (the creeping “auditory” marketing, or “word of mouth”)
Hidden Marketing is a tool for a deliberate promotion of a company, product, brand or service by creating public opinion by indirect means, usually in the form of seeding and propagation of rumors.

We can assure You that a significant portion of posts in forums describing useful properties of for example dietary Supplements — dietary supplements created specifically to create opinions about their medicinal properties.

Including “word of mouth” we skillfully custom consumers of goods and services to make the right choice in favor of the advertised us.

Promotion in social networks
Promotion in social networks intersect with the principles of Internet Marketing. The success is primarily due to the clear targeting of the audience on predetermined parameters, such as residence, age, gender, interests.

Forms and methods of work are constantly evolving and supplemented, at the same time remains the most important factor is the ability of advertisers to enter into trust relationships with users so as not to cause negative reaction to the commercial offer.

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