Everybody knows, that banal advertising is no longer appreciated in the modern world. Obsessive submission of information has gone down in history.

Animated advertising is an effective form of advertising, which causes people’s interest and admiration.

For example, this is a cartoon about us. Very effective!

And these are our effective stories for Instagram and other social networks:

These film should help you understand the power of Video Content Marketing. See it please!

Animation films are popular all over the world and can cause a lot of positive emotions. Animation is perceived by people as something entertaining. Animation movie is not perceived as an attempt to sell something.

Order Media provides production services in Poland and throughout European Union and Eastern Post-Soviet countries for advertising, commercials, print, independent movies, documentaries, branded content and social media. We also represent Directors & Directors of Photography, from up-and-coming stars to veterans with years of experience. We create scenarios and music.

Since 2002 we offer a unique service that combines exceeding the expectations of international clients with intimate knowledge of the local film industry. We know how to work with a wide range of budgets and themes: from high fashion to history.

While we are not a young company, our production managers and line producers have 5-16 years of experience.

These are promotional video clips made at different times for both the Internet and TV

Have you decided to order an animated video?
You can order an animated movie at an inexpensive price. 2D design, 3D design, various effects are optimal for marketing promotion. Often, classical advertising can not demonstrate the advantages of a brand, product or service. In such cases, the possibilities of 2D graphics and 3D graphics are very useful.

Advantages of animation:

  • Unlimited space for the embodiment of ideas
  • Causes sincere interest
  • Looks unobtrusive
  • Universality of application (marketing, creation of cartoons, movies, training)
  • Attracts attention

How animations are created:
Success of the case lies in a well-conceived concept. We are working on an idea and a concept. We create a unique story. We come up with characters. We do remember, that painted characters attract attention and awaken interest. Than we choose the style of animation (minimalism, classic), select the musical accompaniment. We can write music as well 😉

Finally, we collect all the elements together and create a movie!

The right decisions lead to success!

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